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About Sarah

After I graduated from college, I won a Fulbright scholarship to teach English in the Middle East. During that time, I became CrossFit Level 1 Certified, and I also taught health and fitness classes to the local population in Amman, Jordan and the West Bank. I have now been training and coaching novices and advanced athletes alike for three years, and I am very happy to say that I am in the process of getting ready to open my own non-profit gym to continue the work I was doing in the Middle East right here at home in the US.

Throughout my experiences as a health and fitness coach, I quickly learned just how hard and intimidating CrossFit can be to beginners, especially for beginners who cannot afford a CrossFit gym membership (which normally costs between $150-$250/month.) Even when women can afford a membership, the question then arises as to whether the gym she chooses will be able to meet her specific needs as a woman. In my opinion, most generic CrossFit programs either lack a dedicated strength program for women altogether or the one they provide is severely lacking in structure and depth. While I do love CrossFit, the problems that I found with it were undeniable. For this reason, I decided it was time to start my own program. One that would address the problems I have found in most CrossFit programs and in all of the home workout sites readily available online.

Women's Fit Way seeks to address the specific needs and concerns of women. At, I offer free, general daily programming for all levels of skill and experience, affordable personalized programming for those who need it, comprehensive tutorials for each exercise, workout video demos, and nutritional and diet advice according to your specific goals. Join me on this journey to become the fittest, healthiest, you possible!

Mom and Me

In this FREE daily workout program, you will become stronger, faster, fitter individuals ready for all of life's many challenges! Not to mention you will develop an amazingly hot body to show off!
Read about me and why I started Women's Fit Way HERE.

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Do you have an injury, does your weight interfere with your ability to start a fitness program, have problems with self-motivation, need someone to help you stay on your diet?

Well--You are in luck!  As your dedicated life coach and personal trainer, I will write personalized workout programs to meet your specific needs as well as teach you how to work around injuries, help you overcome motivation issues and emotional eating disorders, enable you to cook healthy and delicious foods, and love yourself!
Find out more about this service HERE.


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