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(Absolute Beginner-You are new to high intensity workouts and fat loss is your most important goal!)

This program is specifically designed for the very beginners! Most of the movements you have never heard of before this point! You will learn how to do each exercise with proper form BEFORE you add weight. This ensures that your technique is spot-on before you go heavy and possibly injure yourself. I expect all of my very beginner Women's Fit Way followers to be in this stage for 1-3 months depending on your level of fitness prior to starting the program. (This time is rather intimidating, there is a big wide world out there that you will come to know in time, and although you are bright eyed and excited to start your new fitness journey, you need extra time to learn about this new world! - just give it time!)

Mom and Me

In this FREE daily workout program, you will become stronger, faster, fitter individuals ready for all of life's many challenges! Not to mention you will develop an amazingly hot body to show off!
Read about me and why I started Women's Fit Way HERE.

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Do you have an injury, does your weight interfere with your ability to start a fitness program, have problems with self-motivation, need someone to help you stay on your diet?

Well--You are in luck!  As your dedicated life coach and personal trainer, I will write personalized workout programs to meet your specific needs as well as teach you how to work around injuries, help you overcome motivation issues and emotional eating disorders, enable you to cook healthy and delicious foods, and love yourself!
Find out more about this service HERE.


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