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Know Your Goals

Training is like tanning: you are exposed to an external stressor (the sun) and your body makes an adaptation (you get tan). Similarly, you are exposed to a stressor (weightlifting, for instance) and your body adapts (becomes stronger).

Therefore, it only makes sense that workout programs can be geared toward different goals. For example, Olympic lifters pursue a program with power as the objective since their sport is dependent on power: moving heavy things quickly.

The first step to selecting a program, then, is figuring out your personal goals. You must ask yourself "What exactly do I want to accomplish?" If your goal is to become the strongest woman in the world, I suggest you start lifting weights for a living and stop all cardio exercises. However, if you goal is to become a very fit person, capable of anything life throws at you, you should pursue a program that incorporates all aspects of fitness and specializes in none.

The goal of Women's Fit Way is to help you become a fit person who is ready to face all of life's potential challenges! It is a broader program that trains you to be fast, powerful, strong, agile, and flexible, all at once. As you feel better about your fitness level and body, you will soon develop a newfound self-confidence and self-trust. These mind and body developments will make your life better and will be applicable in all situations, including daily life and competition if you have a sport.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to become the fittest, happiest 'you' possible?

If are you, join us! Come to my site everyday, do the workouts, follow the appropriate nutrition plan, and reap the rewards. All you have to do is want it badly enough to start. The rest will follow.

Mom and Me

In this FREE daily workout program, you will become stronger, faster, fitter individuals ready for all of life's many challenges! Not to mention you will develop an amazingly hot body to show off!
Read about me and why I started Women's Fit Way HERE.

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Do you have an injury, does your weight interfere with your ability to start a fitness program, have problems with self-motivation, need someone to help you stay on your diet?

Well--You are in luck!  As your dedicated life coach and personal trainer, I will write personalized workout programs to meet your specific needs as well as teach you how to work around injuries, help you overcome motivation issues and emotional eating disorders, enable you to cook healthy and delicious foods, and love yourself!
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