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Why Most Workout Programs FAIL-The "Novice Effect"

The novice effect refers to a phenomenon in which a beginner to any fitness or nutrition program will see results, regardless of its true effectiveness.

The novice can pursue a plan (as opposed to a program) that is ill-suited to her goals and still see results. The truth is that with novices, progress will happen with any physical activity, no matter how horribly programmed it is.

In the beginning stages of any workout program you may feel like your legs look more toned, you may be sore, or your thighs might look a bit sexier in that dress. However, this does not necessarily mean that workout program is a good one that will continue to bring you the results you want.

Take a look at the regular gym-goers you see next time you're at the gym: how many of them are doing the same workout with the same weights as last time? They are stuck in a bad program/plan and their performance/level of fitness/body composition never seems to improve.

Perhaps that person is you?

I know I've been there. Wake up. Run 30 minutes on the treadmill or take the same workout class as last week. Do my 10 minutes of "ab" exercises. Go home. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Day, after day. After doing this for 3 or 4 weeks, I'd get bored, stop seeing results, and eventually quit due to a lack of motivation. No matter what, my progress always leveled out after the novice effect wore off. Sure, I had no problem running the same 5K, taking the same workout class, doing the same workout routine I found online or in a magazine, but I never improved. I never got stronger, faster, more agile, flexible, or toned.

I now know my lack of results was due to the fact that I simply wasn't following the right program.

What is the Right Program?

Okay, so what makes a program the right one…?

The RIGHT program must align with your GOALS

It must keep you motivated by giving you continuous, observable, measurable results.

It must be affordable and easy to start.

It must be supportive and encouraging.

It must be enjoyable and time effective

It must be challenging and constantly changing to always keep you guessing and interested.

It must provide sound, proven programming that yields the promised results.

And, finally, it must be consistent. (Weekly workouts found on YouTube only go so far. You need a DAILY plan with programmed rest days to ensure you stick with it and see constant progress.)

Why is Women's Fit Way the Right Program for You?

Here at Women's Fit Way, our daily workouts are free, quick to complete, proven to be effective even beyond the "novice effect," and they are constantly changing (not just in types of exercises but also in format-you are not always just banging out reps as fast as possible for 12 minutes straight until you poke an eye out).

From the beginner to the advanced program, you will always be challenged and constantly encouraged to push harder and go faster/heavier than last week.

We offer beginner and advanced workout demos and video tutorials for every exercise to ensure you are taught how to move and lift weights properly and safely.

We purposefully schedule REST DAYS every week to allow your muscles time to grow, get stronger, and recover.

We will never ignore you or call you names for asking questions.

This is a place where you can become the strongest, fittest, healthiest you possible without intimidation or bullying from others.

All you have to do is start. After the first workout you may be sore, but just wait-you'll also be begging for more!

So, get to it! Go. Start your first workout right now! All of us at Women's Fit Way are here to answer any question, calm any fear, and provide encouragement to help you get fit, lift weights properly, eat right, and change your life forever.

This is your way to forever fitness.

Mom and Me

In this FREE daily workout program, you will become stronger, faster, fitter individuals ready for all of life's many challenges! Not to mention you will develop an amazingly hot body to show off!
Read about me and why I started Women's Fit Way HERE.

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